Wednesday, July 3, 2013

hello, alaska!

hey guys! i'm in juneau, alaska, and i'm pretty dang stoked to be here! my adventures in canada were epic. i met some seriously amazing people, saw some pretty dull landscape (not counting the alaska highway, that part was breath taking) and i had a lot of fun. i'm totally hoping to visit canada again, actually, we will be heading through canada on our way home! so anyways. its been a long, wonderful last month. i've been gone from home for 39 days, and its been a crazy 39 days. so many wonderful memories have been made that i'm so thankful for. i'm still processing it all.

so anywho! i know you guys want photos. so here are a few photos from the trip on the alaska highway and a few from the ferry ride we took from skagway to juneau. enjoy!

right now we're all staying at a duplex, my aunt's cousin owns it, we'll be living here for the next 2 weeks or so. its pretty nice having a house to stay at rather than the bus. although i love the bus, there's so much more stretch room here and we can cook! i get my own room and there's a giant bathroom and stuff, we're all pretty happy with the situation.

i'll try to keep posting photos and whatnot around here as often as i can.
i hope you guys are having a spectacular summer!

peace out.


  1. wow. SO gorgeous. I have always wanted to go to Alaska! It looks incredibly breathtaking. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. *squeal* :0 It's SOOOO pretty... Holy cows. ^_^ I'm in love with every picture. :D
    Glad you're having the awesomest times. :D :D

  3. oh my GOSH. That place is amazing! What beautiful creation God did. It's so awesome you get to see this!

    By the way, I've never heard "dull landscape" associated with Canada, haha! Every picture I've seen/heard of it is breathtaking. Maybe you only saw the ugly places? haha. Anyway, super cool!

    1. yes, Sask. is pretty dull, but i've seen some other great places magazines. lol. we didn't go to the pretty parts of Canada. maybe someday, though! :D

  4. Wow! How majestic! eyes would be literally glued to the window the WHOLE time! 0.0
    The picture with the rocks...just naturally stacked up like that?! How funny! And the breathtakingly blue ones? *whistle* God is so good at creating beauty... <3


  5. Ah beautiful photos! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so much! I love traveling....
    Also, we've missed you around the blogger-sphere. Glad to see you again;)

    -Victoria Horea

  6. Amazing!!!! Wowzers, I love these pics!!! Yep. Canada's a good place!!! ~_*

  7. Wow! Those are stunning!!! I need to go to Alaska now! :D

  8. these are beautiful! love it. i'm so glad you're having a good time :)