Saturday, August 17, 2013


God is so good. even when i'm still hurting and trying to understand how things can go so wrong. He's always so good.

He's bigger than every overwhelming problem and pain you'll ever have. it's the most comforting thing, knowing i am in His hands. 

HE is overwhelming. in His goodness and mercy, with the grace He gives everyday. it really hits, though, how great He is, when things happen. i just stop and thank Him for being Him. its amazing how giant blessings come out of bad things. sometimes, after these bad things happen, it sort of feels like they needed to have happen in order for growth to occur. but of course,  we always wish it wouldn't have happened anyways.

but life happens. things go wrong, people hurt people. you find out they aren't who you thought they were.

but my God? He's always so much better. and my tiny mind is always so shocked.

my life is good, He has blessed me, He's prepared me for this school year by allowing me to go on that tour this summer. before the tour i just wanted out of here. i wanted to leave. i felt so out of place.

but not anymore. God has me here, in this tiny town, for a reason. and i'm happy to be here.

now there is something i'm going to write about, in time. i'm not ready to write about it yet. at least not on here.. it's something that happened here at home while i was gone this summer. i didn't find out about it till 5 days ago. it's something that has to do with the hurt i mentioned above.
i haven't worked through it yet, God still has a lot mending to do in my heart before i should write about it here. so for now, just be praying for me. this thing hurts, very much, and it has hurt everyone i love here. pray that i can grow through this thing, that i can come to understand Him more and love Him more.



  1. :( praying that God brings his healing, love and comfort at this time. Hoping the revelation of his goodness shines through.

    God bless you richly xxx

  2. Ditto what Rachel said. Saying a special prayer for you and your family for healing, peace, and wisdom amidst confusing times.

  3. Hope you are working through it alright. It seems like you are. You have a more sound perspective than most.