Monday, August 19, 2013

the weird summer

so i was sitting here, scrolling down through my blogger feed, and realizing..everyone's talking about summer being over. and i said to myself, no it's not! it's just beginning! but then i realized i was wrong.

summer is over. i went back to school today, i'm excited about my first full semester of college. i'll hopefully be working at pizza hut soon, and i'll hopefully have my cleaning job back. back to schedules. away with freedom. well most of it anyways.

and it's just weird to me. because i really do feel like my summer is just starting.
so even though the summer freedom is over, it feels very much like the summers of my past right now. excepting the fact that it's not really boiling out like it normally is with missouri augusts. but that just adds to the weirdness of it all.



  1. aw, summer being over bums me out a lot. but lovely post, and pictures! x


  2. AHmazing pictures!! And I am NOT ready for summer to be over yet! But my siblings have started school and orchestra's begun.... So it must be starting... :'( So weird to think about.
    Hope you enjoyed school!! :D

  3. I love your pictures, and I've missed reading your posts. <3 I'm glad to be back,and that's exciting! I wish you luck working at pizza hut(which is my favorite pizza btw in case you were wondering;) haha.

  4. the pictures are amazing!
    ah, summer. i think i'm lucky to live in a tropical country so i don't have to worry about the end of summer. haha