Friday, August 30, 2013

hey! so i feel like my blog posts lately have been deepresssiinnggg.

sooo, i don't know what to do about that but let ya'll know i'm doing good. really, God has brought me through some hard times and is teaching me and growing me. He is so good and merciful, I don't deserve Him one bit. but He loves me anyway and is always so patient.

also, i just finished my 2nd week of full time college! it's going great, i'm making friends and loving my english class. and hating my history of art, and loving government, and hating algebra.
i have class everyday, tuesday's twice a day. i know that last year, when i only had 2 classes a week, i felt like it always interrupted my days horribly. but something is different this time and the classes haven't bothered me, i don't mind it and i'm still getting stuff done around home and enjoying life. every morning i'm up early for prayer walks (my driveway is a mile long and perfect for it) and then sometimes i'll jump in the pool to cool off after. it's finally gotten really hot out and i'm enjoying getting a tan. i've also been doing a bit of crafting, i bought a giant load of national geographics from the 70's and have been cutting them up like crazy while listening to my music. it's fun stuff. i've gotten into 21 Pilots recently, never thought i would actually love rap and screamo, but these guys are amazing.

anywho, my friend from florida, who i converted into a whovian, is coming over next weekend, i'm beyond excited. i've known this girl for a long time and we always have the best times together.

and now a photo of me and my cat, who as you can tell from this photo really loves me and missed me a lot this summer.

ha. haha. yeah, she's an epic cat.

peace out,



  1. Don't apologize. I'm sorry you're going through tough times, but God is so faithful!
    ha Cute picture.

  2. No worries, I don't think you've been depressing. Just honest. Which is the only way to go.

  3. You are just too adorable. :D :D :D :D

  4. The cat picture is the BEST. Reminds me of my kitty, she always has that look on her face, haha.

    I looooooved art history, and English. I am glad you are enjoying being in school though!