Wednesday, August 28, 2013

stuff happens

the other day i came across their names in my address book.
and i just stopped. and stared. i said their names, together. it sounded so right. so familiar. because that's what i'd always known them as. instantly i crossed their names out. together, they were no more. and the thought hurt.
their marriage was destroyed by sin. sin crept into his life, took over, and destroyed something that was once beautiful and good. and it left her. but she wasn't alone. she's got Jesus, and if i ever need proof that He can put anything back together and heal. then she is proof. Jesus is the answer. always. Jesus was her everything, and because of Him she's able to thrive on with her life.
but habits are hard to break, the habit of saying their names together and always expecting him to be there, is being broken.

luke 6:19 "......the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all."

God is so good.



  1. When I was getting married my parents were divorced. We put their names on my wedding invitation, and it was such a strange moment. Here I was, taking someone else's name while they tore theirs away from one another. The two names that made my life possible.

    Whatever has happened in your life, I'm very sorry. Glad you have such a good foundation.