Friday, September 13, 2013

Lets not try to figure out everything at once.

hello all! just dropping in real fast to let ya know that i'm busy. quite busy indeed.
here's a list of whats been happening:

-homework, loads of it.
-writing, loads of it.
-visiting with florida friends
-discovering new music. loads of it!
-taking pictures of the newest baby i know
-allergies turning into a nasty cold
-late night horror flicks
-more homework and essays to write
-getting very angry over online algebra homework
-thinking and thinking and thinking
-discovering this epic clear water river
-discovering tea that makes me sleepy
-cuddling with Moxie puppy
-working on me cooking skillz
-becoming re-addicted to pinterest

what's going to happen this weekend:

-family visits
-a funeral
-swimming and exploring said epic clear water river with the cousins
-eating yummy food
-LBP parties
-more homework
-more visits with florida friends
-not getting enough sleep
-lots of coffee drinking/sleepy tea drinking
-more late night movies
-a family reunion of sorts

amongst the busy it's been a rough past few weeks. this week especially has been one of those absolutely bleh sort of weeks. just horrid. it's like one moment my heart is at peace and the next perfect war.

but God is faithful. hard things don't last for forever, empty times fill up and hearts can be put at peace with life once again.

always remember that G>/\\/ 

oh, and this makes me smile and laugh.

like. a lot.

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  1. He is indeed good. :) Be blessed richly as you walk in Him xxx