Wednesday, September 18, 2013

it's been oddly warm this september, i'm so ready for sweater weather. the past few days have been dreary and on the cooler side. it's been lovely.

there's something about this morning, something in the air, that feels really familiar. the rainy smells, the fog in our view, the cool air. i feel about 14, i feel like i should have long hair and braces again. i don't know, it's kinda weird, i haven't felt that sort of nostalgia in a long time.



  1. ah i love all your pictures. so much awesomness.

  2. It's been really warm here too. Except at nights. It's been cooooold at nights. lol.

    I've had days like that too... they're a little weird, aren't they? lol

  3. Ahhh I've missed this! There is something about changing seasons, especially Fall, that brings back a flood of feeling. Very well said.

  4. Nice pictures.
    Sweater weather will be my favorite. The transition into Autumn always makes me think a lot.
    Maybe it's the cooler mornings and changing leaves...

  5. I hear you on the warm September thing. Last September even in Fl, we had some breezes which held as a promise for the coming of Fall. But no, in FL, our September has been hotter than our August... at least October is around the bend! Also, I hear you on the nostalgia thing. Today, I actually had some time to think and to do nothing. So, although I didn't feel like blogging, I went through my old blog posts and I felt full of nostalgia. It actually kind of made me sad, but yet somewhat happy. Mainly because I realized how much you forget and don't remember, which is weird to me. Like my thoughts and writings seem foreign sometimes. But at the same time looking back, I noticed a lot of my writings were semi-sad. So, although I miss some of the good times, and it feels weird thinking about how different I am, I'm also happy because I know I've come a long way from where I once was. Anyways. I guess its a different sort of nostalgia, because it's not nostalgia from when I was kid but merely nostalgia from a year or so ago. But still. Nostalgia is Nostalgia.