Friday, October 25, 2013

day 12. close up

day 13. far away
because i miss these mountains

*song challenge*

day 12- a song from a band you hate.

anything by Skrillex.

i'm not even posting a song by this guy. because i really hate him that much and if you've never heard him, then you're better off. i'm kinda irritated, i was gonna post something by family force five, but then i listened to Paycheck and i was like. woah! i like this! you should check that song out. but honesty, if you like Skrillex, please don't be offended by me saying i detest him. plenty of my friends dislike music i adore. so it's all good. :))

day 13- a guilty pleasure song.

Geek In the Pink by Jason Mraz

i listen to this song on a daily basis. xD

so i went on a walk today down to the cabin, i didn't actually make it to the cabin because i came across this tree..


 i took way to many photos and then headed home, now off to reading more and maybe a few eppys of the office later.

i hope you guys have a funtastic weekend.

-peace out


  1. No wonder you never made it to the cabin. ;) So gorgeous...those colors are just breathtaking.

  2. I was just dancing it out to Family Force Five yesterday... they are so good!! But I'm not offended. I listened to some of their old stuff and don't like it as much as their newest album that Paycheck came off of. I'm normally much more folksy kind of a music girl, but when I'm in the right mood, nothing is quite like some Family Force Five ;)

    And oh my goodness those photos are great!! I would spend my day at that tree if I were you! So pretty.