Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pointless post day

i really have no idea why i'm even attempting to blog right now.
so i decided, today is national pointless post day.
and yeh, tomorrow might just be too, if i want it to be.
"i do what i want, thor!"
i have to leave for english soon.



i was going through pinterest this mornin', and these made me giggle. and i knew this post'd need pictures so it would be even more pointless.
i'm going to do a 30day challenge on here soon.
except, ya know. i'll probably break all the rules.

ed sheeran is one ugly face ginger but ohmyword.
he's got the voice of an angel. 

so since it's national pointless post day, i got Rachel to join up with me. and you should too! go check out her's here.

i like turtles. 



one of my wonderfulest friends, Caitria, is doing a giveaway on her blog! i'm rather excite about it. check it out here. 
seriously. you don't wanna miss this one.


  1. That top picture? I haven't recovered.
    second? awwwwwwwwh!!! I just died from Thor/Loki feels. <3 <3 <3
    third. LO-freakin'-L. :D

    I love this pointless post.

  2. OHMYGOSH. YOU DID NOT JUST QUOTE MY LOKI. I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AWESOME. AND BENEDICT IN THE SAME BLOG POST...... TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR LITTLE FANGIRL HEART. Hhaha. But really, I rather enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you posted. <3

  3. This post made me LOL.

    ESPECIALLY the bit about Ed Sheeran. HAHAHA!!!!!

    I wish I'd known about National Pointless Post day earlier...

    but then again... most of my posts are pointless, if you get my point. Hehe.

    Ho hum.