Friday, October 4, 2013

haiya, peeps! how ya been? i've been doing great. this week is going by so freaking fast, i feel like monday lasted an entire week, and the rest of the week was a day. blah. weirdness.

anywho. i've decided to attempt 2 different challenges and not do either of them right. one is a song challenge that Treskie is doing, and another is one of those facebook, 30 day photo challenges. here is that one..

i figure if you want the song one, you can just go give Treskie a visit, she posted it here

and here's day one of both challenges.

self portrait.

favourite song (i'm doing current, not fave of all time, because i don't just have one).
Migraine by Twenty One Pilots

 Behind my eyelids are islands of violence
my mind shipwrecked, this is the only land my mind could find
I did not know it was such a violent island
Full of tidal waves, suicidal crazed lions
They're trying to eat me, blood running down their chin
and I know that I can fight or I can let the lion win
I begin to assemble what weapons I can find
Cause sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind

now i know you've all heard me rant about how much i love Twenty One Pilots, so i won't beat that horse anymore. you should just see for yourself, aye?

so, the reason i say i won't do either of these challenges right, is because for one, i won't be posting everyday, and B, i'll often times combine several days of the challenges in one post. i already have a list of the songs i'll use (it could change), and i have an idea of what i'll do for the photos. so yep. it should be fun, feel free to join, i'd love to see your photos and listen to the songs you post!



  1. Eeep! lol.

    I'll need to listen to that song later, because I'm in the livingroom and I have no earbuds in my immediate proximity. I like the lyrics though.

    Gosh, girl, you have pretty eyes.

  2. ooohhhmmmyyyyggoooosshhhh!!
    You're way too pretty.