Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the moxie love has grown so much in the past few weeks, her legs are long and awkward. she's in that funny looking tween stage. not quite house broken, she spends most of her time outside with her big sister. they're really quite the adorable pair.

i've been in an artsy mood lately, it feels really good. pinterest is my main place for inspiration. while i paint or sketch i like to put Olan on shuffle.
not only am i in an artsy mood, i've been in a reading mood, too! of course, i haven't exactly been "out" of the reading mood all year, it's just a matter of having something good to read.

inspiration for this found here

i'll be honest. i've come very close to putting White Fang down several times.
its a intensely gritty book. but i can't ever do it. it's so good. jack london was a freaking genius and his descriptive skills slay me. you just gotta have a strong stomach for this one.

and i like taking pictures of random thingys around my room.



  1. Kay, that dog is freaking adorable.

    You horrible person, being able to draw when I am in a slump and cannot!!! LOL. That one picture of the girl at the window is really good. Nice lighting. :D


    I've never tried White Fang. I made it though the Hunger Games though. Those a kinda gross. lol. (didn't much care for the end of the series at all....)

  2. Aw, Moxie. ^_^

    You're so epic. :D Your artsy stuff is always so beautiful and then you take perfect photos of it and it's like woooootttt. :D

    I love olan. and I SPY BASTILLE!!!

    I need to read that book....