Tuesday, October 8, 2013

days 4&5 of both challenges!

#4-favourite colour

ok. so i don't have a favourite colour. honestly, i mean my top four would be blue, green, maroon, and black. and it changes pretty often.
yeah. so i made a collage of a few colourful tin covers that are hanging on my walls. they have all the colours.

love all the colours!

#5-someone(s) i love

 my nathaniel and luke.

#4- a song that makes me sad- this one is hard. because i don't listen to music that makes me sad. in fact, music rarely ever makes me sad. but there's this one song that comes on the radio every year at christmas time. it's called "christmas shoes" by newsong. and i hate it.

really people. it's so freaking sad!

#5- a song that reminds me of someone.

say by john mayer

first time i heard this one, it was with my brother-in-law, he made some joke about it that i found hilarious at the time. so now every time i hear it, i think of him.

a few random facts about lately:

-i love working at pizza hut. it's awesome.
-i finished The Office a few nights ago. cried 5 times.
-i'm on a facebook fast. feels good.
-class was cancelled today. freedom!
-it finally feels like fall outside. ^_^



  1. Wow, Luke is so big now. They're practically the same size.

    1. Yeah, but NJ recently had a growth spurt so he's finally looking like an actual big brother ;)

  2. I love colors! I tend to like the deeper ones though, like green, and brown, and dark blue, and purple. I'lol. Yellow is happy though, so I like that one a lot too.

    That's a REALLY good picture of the boys. You should pin it. It's pin worthy.

    That song is depressing. I didn't re-listen to it because it's too sad, but didn't she die before he even got the shoes to her? LAAAAME.

    Hehe, I'd heard Say before at the store, and I'd memorized the refrain by the second time it played. It's a good song.

    I love it when classes get canceled. (unless they're voice classes, and then I'm sad.)