Monday, October 28, 2013


today is the one month anniversary of me working at pizza hut! crazy that it's been a month already. my first night was the worst night ever, i was so shy, as i always am in new situations. i hid in the back room (worst thing to do at a new job) and one of my co-workers had to come and coax me out to learn how to make pizzas. but i've come a long way since then.

work has taught me a lot of things. it's taught me to be brave and work very hard. say things that are on my mind when it's necessary, be honest and open with everyone. fess up when i mess up, ask a LOT of questions and forget about pride. the work is easy for the most part, you have to always be paying close attention to the orders, and the most psychically taxing job is dishes. sometimes things can get very slow, and it's hard to find things to do, and not just stand around looking lazy.
the management isn't the best there, they let the workers get by with laziness, and for me that is tempting. it's hard to not take advantage of being allowed to get by with lazing around when i could be sweeping the floor or wiping something down.

the last few days of work have finally become fun. everyone is opening up to me, and i'm opening up to them.  last friday our town did trick or treating around the square, and since Pizza Hut is on the square, we all got to dress up for work. i didn't actually dress up, which is lame sauce. but i wore a giant black cape borrowed from a coworker and i had a lot of fun. i love most of the people i work with. except one guy who got mad and yelled at me last night. i don't dislike him as a person but i'd rather not work with him. :p

honestly i love my job, i'm becoming part of the work family there and it's awesome. it's challenging because the environment is very dark there. but i'm thankful to be there, and i just hope my coworkers can see Jesus in me and who knows. maybe something life changingly awesome might happen to one of them.



  1. Hey, sometimes hiding in the back room is just necessary! Glad you made it out though. I can completely understand how it feels to work in an environment with people who definitely aren't on the same page as you, spiritually. I'm sure you'll be a great example. That's all you can do!

  2. You sound a lot like me, only braver. I'm so happy you're getting comfortable with your job! I'll bet it's a lot less stressful when you're not terrified of it. hehe.

    People tend to be able to see when someone is a good person, especially when they're being good for God, so I think the odds are, they notice you example.

    God bless!