Wednesday, December 18, 2013

books and a hat

yesterday our library started this giant book sale, 25cents each! me and brother went before i had to work and spent about 40min browsing at least 500 books.

i ended up walking out with 20 books. i feel like it was christmas yesterday, because seriously i'm so darn excited/happy with these books! this morning i took off all those nasty library book jackets and they're all so much prettier now.
but i'm to lazy to take *another* picture of them. so yeah.

i'm gonna be busy with these for awhile, because yes, i plan on reading ALL of them.

then after work later that same day me and mom were driving around town, when i happened to take us by an antique shop i'd been wanting to stop by for weeks now. it really was quite by accident, because i had zero clue where i had taken us, and then i saw the shop and just had to stop.

i found this vintage, grey wool hat for $2! i did a major happy dance right there in the store. it's exactly what i've been searching for.

forget malls, take me to library book sales and antique shops!



  1. "forget malls, take me to library book sales and antique shops!" Yessssss.

  2. Oh em gee, 20 books? You're going to be uber busy! Haha.
    Katharine Hepburn is awesome, that should be such a good read. I also have Jacob have I Loved, but I've not read it yet. Let me know how it is!
    And that hat is so cute! Vintage is the best.


  3. Ah! That's a beautiful collection of books! 25 cents each is amazing.

  4. that's so great! and for 25 cent i think i'm gonna buy tons and tons of books too!

  5. I love books. I love buying books. I love taking the dustcovers off too. lol. BUT unfortunately, my sister has no self control when it comes to books or booksales. Seriously. Every spare shelf, every semi-free surface, be it under the bed, in the closet, or otherwheres, is stuffed with Kat's books. Which means I have no where to put mine. Which means I tend to love books and leave them when I see them... which is random. I'm sorry.

    THAT HAT IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Meh. I don't much care for malls anyway. Too big, and too many people. book sales and antique stores are always better. :)

    1. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

      oh. and i miss you. :-)