Thursday, December 19, 2013

something brilliant

you know when you get done reading a book and it leaves you really excited and feeling just great and you just can't stop thinking about it?

i just read a book like that, it's called When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. it's one of those books that had me hooked from the first sentence. and it just seemed to get better and better. i adored her writing style, she uses a lot of short sentences. of which i'm a hard core fan of.
the plot builds slowly but interestingly, making you want to not put the book down.
this book was perfect. everything about it was stunning and brilliant. one of those rare jems that didn't lack a thing.
i started it yesterday afternoon and finished it this evening after i got off of work. it wasn't a difficult read, actually i think it may be a kids book, but i'm really not sure. i feel like anyone under the age of 12 wouldn't truly be able to appreciate the beauty of this book. at least i know i wouldn't have been able to at that age. it's a different sort of book, definitely a breath of fresh air. after reading it i feel kinda stunned, i want to start in on another book but i can't get When You Reach Me out of my head so it's kinda making all the other books taste bad even though i know they're all probably fantastic. speaking of the books i bought at the library sale, of course.
i'm not going to hint about what the book is actually about. because i went into it blind, and i feel like that made my experience all the more delightful. so if any of you decide to read this book, i hope you can go into it clueless like me. and i hope you love it a lot.

When You Reach Me has certainly left an impression on me. i'm definitely having a unique hangover from that book. 



  1. Book hangover. haha I like that!

  2. Hmm. I should see if it's at our library. I just finished a book that was really good, but the author added a totally not necessary pervy element... which made me really mad. So I'm ready for something good. :D