Saturday, December 7, 2013

i have a vision for this new blog and i wanted to share a bit about it.

first of all, in case any of you were wondering when i plan to have it ready to go, it'll probably be next year or sometime very close to next year.

i want this blog to be refreshing for me and you. i want to post more of my art work, more of my creative writing, more 'deep thoughts' posts.
basically, i want there to be more inspiring going on, more creating and more being myself. 

i've never been a big fan of using other people's photography (even if it's typography) or other people's art work for my blog.
so this time around, everything i post picture-wise will be made my yours truly. if on the rare occasions when i do post someone elses art work i will give proper credit and i won't be posting it because i'm to lazy to do something of my own.

well there you have it, i've been thinking a lot lately about this new blog and i'm
pretty darn excited and i hope you are too.

So today we have 11" of snow, with some drifts reaching 2'.
it's time to go picture taking.


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