Wednesday, December 4, 2013

i put up a new picture by my desk. every few weeks or so i go searching through my giant stacks of national geographics for a new photograph. the last one was of a little girl and her mum standing on a cement bank by the sea somewhere in southern america.
i don't really know why i chose this photograph, i just liked it, so i put it up and have been staring at it for about 3 months now.
so i needed a change.
this time i chose a photo from the early 70's. it's a big lawn at golden hour and there are people spread out on the lawn, laying on blankets, sitting reading books and chatting with their friends. there's also a lot of people in the background walking around. i guess it might be from woodstock, honestly i didn't even read about it before i cut it out. they don't actually look like woodstock hippies anyway, excpet for the two guys with big beards, top hats and open shirts.
i like those guys.

i also sketched the above picture tonight, i like to keep my newest sketches open under the picture by my desk so i can see it every time i work at my desk. i like seeing my own work because it makes me happy and inspires me to make something else. i know every time i make something new i'll become more me, and that makes me happy.

the pictures are a good change.

and this kind of brings me to the point of this post.
i'm leaving this spot here and moving to a new place. this is a sudden decision, i just made up my mind about 15minutes ago. and i think it's a good decision and i think it will be a good change.

i've been here for 3 years maybe? and i've gone through at least 3 different blog titles. and now i just need a fresh place to start, new title, new pictures, hopefully new topics. more thinking and writing. more creating and being myself. i won't be deleting this blog, but i will be deleting all my other blogs and using a new link, which i will post later...once i actually get said new blog set up. ;)

 i'm excited about this change.



  1. Know what you mean. I've been planning to do the same thing for a couple months now, but it's taking me some time . . .

  2. Oooh, I really like your drawing noni!!! It has a strong sense of perspective that just pulls you into the street . . . I REALLY like it. =)