Monday, December 2, 2013


the sunrise outside my window on friday morning.

         i've just had one of the craziest, best weekends ever! i went black friday shopping and found some epic christmas present bargains, plus a few things for myself. you know, the fun stuff like new coats and socks. ;) then on that same day i went to a Joshua Bell concert with some favourite people from Springfield. it was *amazing* and i still can't believe i saw Joshua Bell perform with the STL Orchestra. eeeep! crazy awesome time that! i also got to stand like 3 feet away from Bell at the meet and greet. that was pretty surreal, standing next to one of the worlds most talented and genius people of ever.
just wow.
it was a late night, i think we got home around 2pm, then the next day i worked in the morning and came home and had a fun night of hanging out with some other favourite people who were in town for the weekend. then on sunday my whole family was over and we celebrated thanksgiving and had a jolly time of it. i really love the times i get to spend with all of them, it was so relaxed and fun. i miss them as they're constantly touring and busy with their music.
i wouldn't mind joining them again.
that sunday night we stayed up late playing games and watching movies and laughing. after everyone went to sleep i had to stay up finishing my last essay of the semester. so now back to real life. i'm really excited about Christmas time coming up soon, i'm already planning a party and really hoping everyone can make it.

even though i may not have friends my age around here (they've all moved away or live in Springfield) i'm still blessed with an amazing family and an awesome church family. it's hard and lonely at times, but God is faithful and i'm way undeserving of everything i have and everyone in my life.


i'm thinking again.



  1. That last line really excited me :) just so you know. Glad you're thinking/feeling alive again.

  2. Oooooooh that sounds like fun! I've haven't listened to much of Joshua Bell, but what I've heard, I really liked.

    I'm so glad you're thinking again. XD