Sunday, December 8, 2013

my last post was indeed depressing. i wrote it in a blur of emotion and thoughts that were spinning a thousand miles an hour.
i just wanted to say that i am happy, and i am grateful for the friends i have. i also feel like i needed to explain my situation.

i live in a town that is in America's top 5 pot spots. everyone around here drinks, cusses, smokes, chewes, is a skank and all around lost as a goose. rednecks, hicks, racists. we got them here.

there are a few homeschoolers in the area. but let's face it.
homeschoolers have a tendancy to be really weird. thankfully, there's a bunch of good ones out there i know, and we've been blessed to know a few of them. sadly, most have moved out of the area.
when i was younger i had a few really close, good christian friends in the area, but we all grew up and they moved away to college. it sucks.

so..i may not have many Christian peers who live near me right now, but God *is* teaching me that i have who i need and that He will bring the right people in to my life when it's right. i just need to be patient. i have my family and church family, i have friends who live a long way away, and although it gets hard. very hard, i'm really ok. lonely at times, desperately so, yes. but this is where God has me and i'm good with it. i'll keep praying and hoping for friends, i won't give up on that.

anywho. i'm tired and tomorrow i'm gonna ride my Ellie may horse out in the snow cos i've never ridden in the snow before. it should be fun. ^_^


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