Friday, December 27, 2013

yesterday i took my drivers test and passed, today i went and got my license.
and then mum dropped me off at work, and after my shift was over, i drove myself home for the first time ever.


i know.. i know...i'm 19 and *just* getting my license?

ya see i was never one of those kids who was breaking their necks to do *anything* grown up.
my parent's had to practically force me to get my permit a few months ago and start driving. i just didn't want to! but, now that i'm here.
i'm so darn glad. i like driving, i really do. and i'm so grateful that i have parent's who know how to push me in the right directions. they know i'm the sort of person who needs pushed. and they know i procrastinate like no ones business.
so yeah. 
it's great having people in your life who help you in the areas you need it most.

i'm really glad that's over with!



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  1. Congrats about your license! Hey, I know what you mean. I grudgingly got my permit. But the more I drive the more I want to have my license. But I won't have it until almost 18, so I'm with ya.
    I love those people. It's a blessing to have them in your life.