Thursday, September 30, 2010


Like the title says..FINALLY! I am  not sick anymore! Yay! Monday night I got a sore throat while I stayed up reading, and Tuesday morning I was just miserable. It felt so bad I actually made myself take 2 doses of grape food seed extract, and rub tea tree oil on my throat, both of which, are vile! Today I have worked quite a bit on my shawl I am crocheting, it is going to be quite lovely when I am done with it. My mom knitted a gorgeous shawl out of the same colorse of yarn, and I loved it so much, I wanted one of my own. But I cant knit :( Its just not my thing.

Here it is :D is it not amazing?!?!?

Right now me and my dad are watching The Lord Of The Rings, Two Towers. Such great movies! they are classic! Earlier I was watchng Till The Clouds Roll was so long, I couldnt take it and I turned it off. Although it is still a great movie as well. I had to do some school today. I mainly just caught up on my history (since that is the most reading I have during the week I cant get behind in it!) and on my other books. Right now I am reading a biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton...I DONT like it! But I am also reading All Quiet On The Westward Front, and it is very good.  I do the sunlight curriculum, so I have a sort of schedule to work with everyday. It tells me what to read and how much and so on. I like it alot. The only thing I hate about school is science tests, geometry proofs, and grading...I detest grading! Suprisingly I dont mind grammar at all this year. The book I am diong is very good. Somtimes I think its not fair that I have to teach my self my school. I mean, my mom is here when I need her. But still, she does not spoon feed me. But I am also very glad about it (the only time I think its not fair is when I am being lazy) I feel good about it too. I know that unlike most kids, I really am teaching myself, I am learing how to learn. Which is the biggest problem with the public school system now days. Kids dont know how to learn...and my moms biggest goal, was to teach us just that. how to learn. But as I tell everyone who asks me about home education, its not for everyone. Only if it Gods will should you do it. I know plenty of families who public school, and its just what God has for them, and thats fine :)
Lately we have been watching Glenn Beck of an evening, and I encourage everyone who may be reading this, PLEASE watch him! He is not some radical nut, or some white bigot, no..He tells the truth, gives facts about history, he encourages people to learn their history. Becuase if we dont, we may repeat it someday. I am especially looking forward to tonight, he is doing a special. Please watch it!!! I feel like playing now, I havent all week. I also want to clean my room..I havent all week, which is most unlike me :)farwell till next time, tommorow I am babysetting..So I will be gone all day, and I dont plan to post much in the weekends, unless I make somthing that I just have to share. ByeBye

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