Friday, October 8, 2010

Being Domestic

Oh dear, I just got done writing a very long post on microtsoft word, and then I tryed to copy and past..and lost it all :( Here is goes, 2nd time around!

So this week has been good. Monday, school was a wreck cuz I had to catch up on alot of school from the previous week when I was sick. Nothing significant happend, it was a beautiful day as I recall, and I spent all of it indoors. I worked on my room, I re-painted one wall yellow. It is nice, I finished it on tuesday, I think... I have bad memory. Here is it, nice huh???
Mom hates it :) She really does not like the yellow. It used to be a gray wall, and a red bed....But I grew to hate it. I love this much more.

Then on tuesday I made supper, cuz mom had to take a freind to the doctor, so she wasnt home till late. I made chicken and dumplings, and unfortunaly, I dont have a picture of them. Which is a bummer. I also finished my shawl, but I think it needs to be bigger....what do you think? I think its pretty

Wednnesday brought new things for me. I learned how to make pastry pop tarts. Without a recipe. Of course I had one for the pie crust, that was easy. They turned out pretty good I think. Looked nice to, kinda like a real old fashioned homemade look about them. I like it :)
And below is my working area.

Nice too, I had pictures of other things, like more pastrys, but the batteries were low in the camera and they didnt save or somthing. I also made my favorite mexican meal, it was as good as when mom makes it, she told me herself :)
Wednesday evening me, dad and Ezra went to church. It was good as usual.

Thurday we went to "gym day". It just a church who opens up their gym to all the homeschoolers in the area. THey also have pool, air hockey, ping pong and a work out area. I hadnt gone all school year yet, and I am glad I went. I normaly dont go cuz all the kids do is play sports..and I HATE sports! So from now on, if we go, I wil just play pool...I LOVE pool...alot...and I am realy bad at it :)I wish we had a pool table so I could get good at it. After gym, we went to a nearby thrift shop and I foun amazing deals. I got 3 seriously cute name brand tank tops for under8 dolors all together , a pair of much needed work pants, and some Chuck Taylor, black high tops, for 2 dollars! I was sooo happy!!!! Still am! My shoes are hanging out on the line right now drying, I washed em' :) I just need to wash the laces now. Now I have red, black, gray, and cream colored Chuck Taylor Converse, and I am getting yellow ones with my x-mas moneys :D
When we came home, mom made us burritos and we went and picked up walnuts. That was entertianing and boring at the same time. My brother kept asking how to say things in spanish, and he learned things like "Cow suck blood"...oh dear... :) That was the entertaining part, the boring part was the walnuts. Then on our way home, dad got the truck stuck over a stump. But it wasnt a long walk home, just a hop over the fence, a short walk to the lane, and down the lane to the house. I then chated with my bestest freind in the whole wide world, my brother in-laws sister, Rachel.<3<3<3<3 Then after that I re-learned some fiddle tunes I had forgotten on my Irish penny whistle. It brought back early years of playing on stage and being nervouse as all get out. But nice memories as well :)

Today has been normal. I did school out on the picnic table, english and math testest today..did good on both :) I was relieved. I thought I would also share, what my view looked like from where I did school..... :) enjoy. I sure did

Frist, is the picnik table, unfortunatly, I didnt get in the stone floor we are putting in, it looks soo nice!

This is the veiw. The yard looks sorry, the epa took all our soil away...darn government! There was supposedly lead poisening in it. (wat ev!) So they took it away, and brought SAND! So now, all those patches of green you see, is crab grass...!!! >:(

Here are more, theres my grammar book, a shot of the rock floor I didnt relize I got, and my pitty pat Lulu...She loved coming out with me <3 Oh, and yes, that is the grading book on top of my grammar book, I started to grade it..and then, since it was a test, and they take forever to grade! I let mom do it for me :)

Last night as I was laying in bed, I got in the mood to do some I think, that after I do my bible verses for school, I will work on some portriats, and then paint some!Sounds good to me. I also need to be thinking of somthing to make for my sister and brother in-law for x-mas, I drew their name for christmas. Well tecnicaly, my sister did it for every one, cousins and all, cuz we forgot to the last time we were together. I had better go now :) Ttyl til next time, and who knows when that will be. Tommorow I am going fishing with my dad, brother (maybe both if my big one gets back from college in time!) and my pastor and his son. Oh, and the youth leader from church as well :) Happy days!
goodbye freinds!

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  1. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A SOCK MONKEY!!!!! ^_^ Your room is cute noni! I SO need to come to your house sometime... Miss you tons and tons dear!!! <3 <3 <3