Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6 more weeks!

The hardest part for me in blogging is the Title name. Just thought I'de let you know. 6 more weeks! just came to me right now. I say that, because there are only six more weeks of winter left!!! I'm sooo happy.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was nasty with freezing rain. But I dont really mind the nasty cold and rain. Because that rain, turned to ice. I love ice, yes, I know, it caused us to lose power for acouple hours, it made our dogwood tree fall down, and several other tree's lost their limbs as well. BUT! It gives me an opportunity to use my photography skills. Things are SO beautiful when they are covered with ice, especialy when the sun shines as it is right now!

                                             Yes, I know, that is amazing.

  And this one I just went out and took. So gorgeous

       Around 4 yesterday evening we were watching Fring. One of our favorite shows. When we lost power. It was sad, because that episode was getting really good. In fact, we still havent finished it yet. Moving on. Not long after the lights went out, Grampa, who lives across the river, came in and said he had a baby calf out there who was new,and was freezing to death. He had come in around noon telling me that he didnt think it was gonna live, but I was to shy to ask if I could take care of it. So when he came in saying this, me and mom offered to help him bring it in.
Him and Ezra went out and brought it to the back porch where me and mom where ready with old bath towels and blankets to rub it down. The poor thing was soaked through and through with mud, and freezing rain. It took ALOT of rubbing, and Grampa fed it, but finaly we got it dry, and decently warm.
And this morning, she is still weak, but healthy as well. Grampa said I could have her, and I am soo happy bout it!!!!! She is SOOO cute!!! :)

 I've decided to name her Agnes, I think its a perfect cow name.

    So after we rapped it up last night for the night, we went and watched a movie on Ezra's laptop, which he had charged up and ready incase we lost power.
 Me and mom also played rummy by lamp light. That was fun.

I then read by lamp, Kon-Tiki is a really good book. Especialy with banana bread ;)

So right now, its still snowing, its really coming down. But its not getting much deeper on the ground. It really dry :p With the sunsetting, things are so sparkly and shiny and pretty out! I just cant get over HOW gorgeous it is out.
I better go now, I need to read about Ronald Reagan.
Bubye til next time


  1. Yay!!! for the calf. I love bottle calves. We'll have to come up while you are still feeding her the bottle so Ben and Jay can feed it :)


  2. That sounds like fun! All of it! Agnes is a horrible name for a person, but I like it for a cow. :-)

  3. Lidja. that's just what I thought! I was gonna name her Darci, but Agnes is better. I hope you guys can come down before she gets huge! =)