Monday, February 14, 2011

It is sooo pretty outside today! It got up to like 65 out! It was so pretty that I didnt wanna do school at all, but of course, I had to :( While I was supposed to be doing math, I did Origami instead. Awhile ago I made several origami parts to put together to make one kool big cube, but I couldn't get it figured out, so I put them away for awhile. And since I've been doing a lot more Geometric origami these days, I figured I could figure it out...well, that did NOT happen. The instructions were just as terrible as I remembered them being.
This is as far as I got...I got farther than the instructions showed...I think they just expected you to be able to figure out what to do, without giving any hints, ON WHAT TO DO! normaly I dont "read" the instructions, I can just look at the pictures, and figure it out, but not on this one..there where hardly and pix to see! I do really love this origami book, but somtimes it fails.
So I was reduced to making them into these. Little (a little heavy) flowers. They are cute, but I wish they had come together better into what they were supposed to be.
This is an old thingy I found in the milk shed. Idk what it was for, but I now use it to water my daffodils and tall grassy thingy in the corner.
 I decided to separate the vine-ish weeds from my daffodils and put them in another container to grow up my bed frame.
  I hope it works.

Today I decided to introduced  Agnes to Mrs. Pumblechook and Mrs. Havisham, oh, and Poppy Pumblechook. They are the cows residing in our side lot. I dont like Mrs.Havisham AT all, cuz she is a crazy cow, with a wild look in her eyes. She would likely run you over if you got in the same lot as her. But Mrs. Pumblechook and Poppy are very freindly and will sniff at your hand. So moving on. Mrs Pumblechook took a lot of interest in Agnes, trying to lick her throught the fence, and mooing quietly at her. Agnes is really cute, cuz if I walk away she will run and kick after me, so I decided to run away from her along the fence, and see what the others did. It was funny cuz they ran like crazy after Agnes. I think they were very disturbed that she was on the other side of the fence, with a HUMAN!
Its dark out now (only 6:22!) I cant wait for the days when it gets dark at 8! I did some figuring the other day and found out that I should be done with school on April 17th. April will be a good month, for many reasons :)
Mom is wanting to watch Fringe, and I am wanting to watch Lark Rise To Candleford...I don't think I will win, bcuz Ezra will NOT want to watch my show. So Fringe it will be. Oh, btw, Ezra got glasses! Hahaha :)
Signing off till nxt time.

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  1. I hope the vines do climb up your bed, that would be so cool.