Monday, March 7, 2011

My bestie Rachel Joy has a blog now! I am so excited for her, she has been wanting one for a long time, and she finally had one! I hope she does not mind that I share her link... :) There! 

So all my plants in my room...are DEAD! its very tragic, I know, but plants just don't seem to like me. My daffodils have fallen over, and are very yellow and dead at the tips, my leafy thing got so bad that I taped it to the wall, and it broke loose a couple days later and is practically blending in to the yellow wall. And my pitty cat ate at my vines, and now only ONE of them is living!! But I did get to go antique shopping with my dad yesterday. I found a cute, blue, wash tub thingy, and another flowery tin. I don't know what I am going to use the tub for, but it was only 6$ so I couldn't resist. Its just so cute and bright and happy! I am starting a hope chest. Just for fun, I already have several things set aside that I want to keep forever, but I need to start collecting dish towels, and things like that. I am VERY picky about dish towels..they have to absorb water just right for me to like then :)

Today has been weird, its gone by super quick, yet this morning seems like forever ago! I did a whole lot of reading in school. Mainly cuz it was super interesting, and I need to hurry up and finish my books before the end of this month. 
March has been so busy for me so far! I know when people ask me " So what have you been up t?"
I say.."oh, not much!" Because its such an awkward question!! It really my most hated question that I get asked! It like, do you really wanna know?  Cuz I could write a list...and it would be much less awkward than me just saying nm... :p..Moving on......
This month I want to finish school, be faithful to working out, not eating sugar, my blog, and one of my really good freinds is coming down for 2 weeks ends on the 26th, and I don't wanna do school while she is here. AND, in April I am hoping to make a trip down to Springfield!

And to top all that off, there is a art competition on the 30th, and I don't really have anything to put in it, but Mom wants me to do it. :p
Last year I won the grand prize in my grade, the year before I didn't..the year before I did. This year I don't have an amazing quilt to enter like the years I did when I won. I don't really care about winning. Or getting anything...It's just the stress of getting everything put together, the framing, and all that jazz. I only have one picture really worthy of anything, my Gene Kelly, and its really just a boring portriat, that might be good, but its not original or cool or anything like that.
See, the judges in the contest are looking for unique, original, neat stuff. My Gene Kelly is not. So it really makes me wanna DO somthing neat! But when I look at how little time I have, I get annoyed at myself all over again for not having done more art. And it never helps when mom says "I told you so!"  Cuz she is always right...about pretty much everything.... :p

 I don't think some people know what its like to be artistic. I think they think that its fun....and it really is sometimes.. But alot of the time, its stressful. At least for me it is. Because when I dont do any drawings or paintings, I tend to beat myself up for it. Thinking about all the time I've wasted. And even if painting comes easy to me, or drawing, it still takes alot of thought, and time. And the thing I am drawing has to be JUST right, and if it's not, I don't have any interest in it....Also, I don't like to be pressured into doing things. Which is one of the things Mom says is going to have to change if I am going to go to college. But I dont wanna go to college. But I really dont have a choice, I am going to make myself. And thats a whole other subject!
So be praying that I can get some things done for the art contest. I really don't want to, but I guess it would be good for me, and Mom wants me too.
And now a picture...Cuz all post's need pictures!!


  1. I <3 u so much!! Don't worry about college Hunny. I'll visit u a lot!!! and send u letters and goodies and make you happy! :D <3 how's that sound?