Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday was good. I did all of the above in the evening. It was really nice to accomplish something. I am still not sure what I think of this painting..its a incomplete..But I guess every artist thinks their work needs more. That one of my biggest issues with my art. I tend to 'over' do it. OR! I need to do more..and just can't...

Today I have been in my pj's ALL day...For no reason, other than, I just can ^_^ I prolly wont change until its time to leave for church.
Yesterday was my besties b-day, she is officially 16!! I am very happy for her. Now she get's to wear REAL makeup. When I turned 16 I got facebook....she has to wait till 18 for facebook..and I have to wait till 18 for REAL makeup. When I say REAL, I mean, eye shadow, liner, and all that good stuff. Lol. I still wear mascara...and foundation tho, I HATE wearing mascara, cuz it makes me feel dirty and grimy :p But thats not really REAL makeup. Oh well, that's life!

I hope to go by the jewlery store befor church..I really need a wallet. Mine old one has completely fallen apart. I don't even remember where the heck I got it! I never liked it much anyway, it was plastic..*shudder*

warning: I am going to ramble and vent...

I bet you can't guess one of the things that REALLY ticks me off, can you? Well, you can't. So I'll tell you.
It when people "mention" just how much you are on facebook. Like they are all "ugh, that person is ALWAYS on facebook. EVERY time I get online, THEY are online as well..." Yep, I've been told that before. Not word for word, but the attitude in which they said it was just like that. And it bugs be because they have NO right to say that! None what so ever. 
And just to defend myself a bit here. I AM NOT ALWAYS ON FACEBOOK! The reason they may think I am is bcuz I leave it up ALL the time. Like, earlier, I was uploading thos pix above, and I had Facebook up, I got bored, so I went and did some drawing in my room ( with blue chalk pastels to be exact)
So therefore, people will get online and see me online, and think.."Sheeze, she was on earlier too!"
even when I am not there! So I have learned to stay "offline" even if I AM online. (anyone who has facebook will understand that is possible) And it does help. 
Sometime I purposely never go online, just because I want to prove those people wrong. But I have to remind myself, that it doesn't mater what they think about me, they can judge me all they want, as long as I am sure its not true. And if I do find myself on there to much, I simply back off. Its not hard at all. 

So there...I ranted, sorry, but I figure, this IS my blog, and I have to right to rant every once in awhile! :) And if other people are like me, I get a kick when I read other peoples ravings. To an extant that is. ;-)
I dont have alot of time left before we go to church, and I need to go give Agnes 2 bottles..Speaking of the wizard, I haven't had a Agnes update for awhile..
Well, she is doing fine, getting fatter, eating grain, and maybe some hay I hope. It's been cloudy all week, so no visits to the neighbors, Mrs. Pumblechook and Polly (or poppy, I dont know what her name is!) Maybe next week tho.
Signing off!!

Somthing VERY strange happend case you can't tell, there is a light grey back ground where I write. I do NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!! But I don't know how to get rid of it! :'( On the bright side, I am listening to Jason Castro! Lol, he is so pretty...sides that hary...*shudder* I know, how can someone be pretty and STILL have dread locks?? I really haven't figured it out yet! haha........


  1. Haha. I didn't mind reading your rant. Why would anyone care whether or not you're on facebook? That doesn't make any sense. I might be aggravated too...

    P.S. Hope you can figure out how to fix the grey stuff. Your background is being weird too. I was kind of wondering why you had a weird target pattern, because it really didn't look like you, and then it switched to the waves, which I like :-)

  2. If you want you can be aggravated at me for leaving two comments right after you made a post, and then I can write a rant about people being mad at me for being on blogs all the time, and then you can feel like you're not alone. :D

  3. Oohh!! I love your new background noni!! So cute!! And your lady is lovely. You did a great job. About your Gray background. You should check your "advanced template designer" and make sure you have the "text background" set to "transparent". Just a suggestion. ^_^

    honestly. Your rants are so funny!!! :D lol. they are in realy life too! ^_^ <3 <3 I love you. :*

  4. I couldnt find the template designer, well, the advanced one. Lol, I am glad you both enjoy my rants..Or at least dont mind them, haha.
    Lydia, thats what makes me mad, Why WOULD they care?!?! ;-)
    Rachel, I am glad I amuse you.. <3

  5. I found it, and from now on I dont think it will look like that. :D thankgoodness, cuz its so dumb lookin.

  6. That's good. I was hoping u would be able to get something helpful from that post. It was kinda...vague. Not a lot of detailed instruction. Good thing ur a bright Kid!! <3 <3 <3 <3 ^_^

  7. Lol, yeah, ikr, rrreeaalll brigtht! i'm gonna go eat a burrito now <3