Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, today was beautiful. I went to a Dr.'s app (not the beautiful part) then went shopping, and boy did I find some good deals!(beautiful part) First we went to Hobby Lobby, cos we can never pass that place up, and I found some beautiful beads...Now I just need to get some strechy string, I really should have got some there, but I was a bit stingy on my money, I always am. The beads were all 50% off, so of course I could NOT pass that up!
 Here they are, aren't they pretty? I love them!!! Can't wait to make them into pretty things.
 These are like rock beads....
I love wooden beads, I'm going to make these into bracelets and then paint little dots on them, I did it to a bracelet I bought made out of beads just like these, and it looks soo cute!
I also found some super buys at TJMax, which is odd cos I've never found very good deals there, I mean, clothing deals. I got some super cute skinny jeans for 5$, an adorable sweat also for 5, and then a really quarky blue denim Roxy jacket for 10, market down from 80!!
Here is the sweater...
 Its so cute I had to share it with you ;)
For 5$, really? Oh yeah!!! <3 

So anyhow, me and mom just started watching 'Woman Of The Year' with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...I didn't realize that Spencer Tracer was so ugly! He does have nice hair tho, even if this movie is b/w. Haha, right now he is explaining baseball to Hepburn, this should be good. The other day I watched 'Walk, Don't Run', Carry Grant's last movie, and it was soooo good! I just loved it so much, had me laughing hard! I love Carry Grant, I still cannot belive that he never won an Oscar, that was so not right. He deserved one!
Moving on....
Tomorrow we are going to hear a speaker at a church, Ken Graves, I saw him last year, and he was really good. I love the stories he tells. I dont know what is going on Saturday, hopefully nothing, I'de like it to be nice out, and just stay home and sew. I'm quilting a wall hanging right now, can't wait to finish it! Its super cute.
I just realized how crappy these photos are, specially compared to my last post. I know, I'll show you some of my recent photography! Hope you enjoy, I'm going to start paying attention to this movie now (so far its kinda boring...I really wish Spencer Tracy was nicer looking...I thought all old actors were!!ha, maybe I'm just spoiled by watching to much Gene Kelly, Danny Kay and Carry Grant. lol)

  My favorite flowers in the world!

Going now, wishing everyone a happy weekend!!! I'll see you next time I have something interesting to tell you about! Not like this post was very interesting...haha....
byebyes! <3

the 2 little dudes in the last pictures are Nathaniel and Luke, my 2 most favoritest little people out there! Luke is the super ornery looking one, he is almost 2. And Nathaniel is playing the guitar, just like his dad, he turned 4 in February :) Normally its Nathaniel that's making that super ornery face, lol <3


  1. I love ur beads!!! And those are *amazing8 deals! I love days like that. :D :D :D :D :D :D and I really <3 the pix of the little boys. They are so adorable! <3 <3

  2. Is Ken Graves that guy who's doing the men's conference in the summer? A whole bunch of guys from our church are going to come... Sam and Dad too. The rest of our famly will come, but not for the conference! =)

    Luke is almost two?!! He does look ornery! =)

  3. @Lydia, yes, thats him! Yeah, Luke will be 2 NEXT saturday!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! He is so stinking cute! <3

  4. That is so weird! He was just born when we started coming to Parkland...