Monday, April 18, 2011

I need a change of attitude. I'm not happy today and I don't know why. Maybe its cos I didnt get as much school done last week as I had planned, so I wont be finishing this week. Like I had planned. But thats just my problem, I set high goals for myself, and never meet them, then I become discontent with myself. ugh. Oh, and my back is absolutly hurting like heck today. I really should not be having such bad back problems at 16! And I don't even do sports!!! I don't know why my back is always bothering me, lately its my shoulders. Right now they are so uncomfortable that my arms feel numb...and the middle of my back feels like something is poking me and I hate it! And I do all my streches my chiropractor tells me to do, and I even had to quit palates. :p This is not fun. But I've made my mind up...right now..I'm going to change my attitude. This WILL be a good week. Even if my back keeps hurting, my school won't get finished, and I'm bored. I really think I get upset with myself to often. I guess I just expect to much out of me, and never get enough. And that's why I need to keep putting my trust and expectations  in Christ. He will NEVER let me down, Its such a glorious thing. He is the source of my strength!! Ok. done now, just had to get that out there! <3

And now moving  on to a more...domestic, note. Here are some of my projects I've been working/finishing on :)

The necklace I am going to wear with my new Easter dress, and then I am thinking of turning the face embroidery into a pillow, then the leaf will become a wall hanging after I'm done with the echo quilting. I love quilting by hand! I better go now, I need/*want* to finish editing some photos. Then maybe someday get them up on facebook :p And I've got some chores to get done, I need to go on a walk, and take a shower. So I'll see ya later!
Nonii xoxoxox


  1. I like the necklace!

    P.S. You should be nicer to yourself. =)

  2. I love yooouu!!!!11!1!

    U have amazing skillz! and I love ur necklace! So pretty!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3