Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!? I had an ok one, nothing happend, but I did get some much needed rest. I've been going going lately, with school, and things...Things just keep poping up and I seem to always have something to do. Also I'm really pushing myself to get my school done by NEXT week. It better happen. I can't wait. Then in 2 weeks, I get my braces off! I can't wait for that either, but of course, I have to. I'm not sure how many more times I will be able to blog this week...Cos I've got bunches of school tomorrow that will keep me busy till around 3, then I wont want to wast time inside if its nice out, and hopefully I'll get some painting done, then church at 6:30. Then Thursday we are leaving early in the morning to go shopping down in Cape, then a Dr.'s app (for me this time..cos i need more asthma meds) and then we have to be back here by 6 or so because Ezra has a class. Then Friday I will especially busy getting caught up on Thursdays school, and  cos mom hurt her back, I'm sure I'll have to do alot of cleaning...happy...So anyway. I made a bunny today! Its super cute...
                                                                               Draw the body out....
                                                                                      Cut and pin it!
                                                                                After doing the face, sew it....
Oh yeah! The arms, I did forget those, and it was a hassle..So dont forget the arms! The reason I  sewed them together  and then stoped near the end leaving an open space is for stuffing....I'll explain later. Its much easier than the normal way.                                                          
                                Then you sew it all up, and make sure to leave a big gap for turning it inside out!
 The fun part..oh yeah, haha...
 Ah, now he's nice and proper...
 See how if you leave a little gap in the arms and then sew them in, you can stuff them through this hole, then just stich it up really fast.
Isn't he cute? I like him alot, he will look adorable sitting with my Umm dolls!

And now on to other things!

 Its been sooo nice outside these days. Today I went on 2 walks, the first time was for exercise, and at the S-curve I saw some blue bells, so I came back acouple hours later to get some pics. I love blue bells SO much, they are my favorite spring flowers, I wish I could pick them this year, but there are not very many, and I hate picking wild flowers when there are not many of them. So I'll let them be this year.
Here are some pics I took.. I actually EDITED them for you this time! I know alot of my pics lately have been..boring..and un-edited. Sorry about that, it just takes alot of time to actually sit down, upload them, edit them, save them correctly, and then upload them on here. But I managed my time well today, and while they where uploading, I did chores..:)

 As you can see, summer is not far away! I can't wait to get the pool open! I've promised myself I'm going to swim ALOT this summer. Thats why I want a super duper hothothot summer!

Okay, its 10min till the internet shuts down. I better git! God Bless everyone!! <3


  1. AWW!!! He is cute! I am fond of that bunny! ^_^ <3

    I love ur pix. gorgeous. :) I need to go there someday. *sigh*

    YES! I luvluv Summer. and I'm hoping to finish my school *really* soon. I've been doing it like a crazy lady. AND I'M ALMOST DONE!!!!! :D :D :D luvyuooldesandbunches!!!!

  2. Gorgeous, my boys would love me to make them a rabbit like yours. I love your photos too, just beautiful. Love Kate xxooxx.