Monday, April 25, 2011

It seems like the rain will NEVER stop. It has been raining since Friday, and it is supposed to keep on raining till Thursday. The only thing I can say is, we better now be flooded in on Thursday, cos I'm getting my braces off then!
I have yet to write on GoodBlogs...Its just not coming to me. But I'll get around to it one of these days.
Me and mom are the only ones home right now,  and we could possibly be stuck here alone till at least Wednesday. There is a back road, that we can get out on, only if it is not covered with water too. Right now I imagine the bridge has about 6ft, or much more, of water over it, and when that happens, then the back road prolly has a foot or 2.
Ezra could not miss work, nor could dad, so yesterday, when the water was down, Eli left for work and school, so took Ez and dropped him off at Gramma's house. That way someone can come pick Ez up for work today, and for however long the water is up. Then, thankfully, this morning, the water was not over the road for about an hour, so Dad was able to get out quick and stay at Grampa's till he had to leave for work. Sooo, just me 'n mom..being bored. I hate that word. After I got my school done we watched Fringe, and now we are watching The Two Towers. I have The Fall waiting to be played on Netflix too, I'mma make mom watch it. Its a GREAT movie, and I LOVE Lee Pace!
Yesterady I went on a walk, it started raining, but I was smart enough to take an umbrella.
Here are some of the pix I got. Everything is *SO* green out! I just love it. I actually don't mind rain at's just the flooding part I'm not fond of.

 Toodles! <3

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  1. HA! I'm commenting *before* it's 24 hours old! :D lol.
    I love the pictures. ^_^
    I'm sorry u and ur mom are so bored. :) I hope things get better. The rain is a nuisance. :P
    I miss you a tun hunny! :D :D <3 <3 <3