Thursday, June 16, 2011

So far this week has not been very eventful. The only things that have happened were, of course, church, which was normal, and there was a great sermon as always..We are currently in 2 Samuel and I LOVE it! So yeah, church was awesome, tho I did not get to beat a certain someone at ping-pong, but there is always a next time ;)
Today me and mom met some friends we had not seen in ages for lunch, it was awsome to see them again and get to visit. Tho me an my friend who is my age did not do much talking, lol, we are both kinda quiet so we mainly listened to what our moms were talking about. But I'm sure if we get to hang out more we will become WAY more talkative ;).
Then after that I had what I thought was going to be my last orthodontist appointment. But apparently I have to go back in August, then again 12 week later. :p I guess its just to make sure I'm wearing my retainer all the time (tho I don't!) and that my teeth don't move on me. I'm hoping that if I have enough of my lovely  cousins genes in me that my teeth won't move at all. But moving on.
I'm not sure if we have any plans for this weekend...I know we will not be spending ANY money cos we had a day out on Monday (movie, out to eat, shoes, clothes..ect- twas funn!) AND we are going to Springfield the first week of July..we have to be back tho by the 6th for MAN UP. Anyway, so we are gonna try and save all our spening monies for that trip. Dad gets to come for once too! He actually took vacation. He's been working like a crazy man and really deserves it, I mean, he has not seen Toni (my big sis) or Jason (her hubby) since Christmas, and they didn't get to stay long and it was so busy we that he didn't get to really "visit" with them. So yeah, I'm looking forward to that trip alot. I can't wait!! 
Ok. so this is totally random, but so am I ;) So on Facebook when you upload pictures, it immediately gives you an option to tag people and it comes of w/little pictures of all the faces in a photo or whatever. And sometimes it will even want you to tag a bill board that may have been in the background of the picture just cos there is a face on it. So anyway, right now I am uploading pictures, and it came up with the "Tag Your Friends" option and had a small picture of dirt to be tagged, yeah, like, it highlighted a spot in the ground that looked like a face! Lol..maybe you don't find that amusing like I did. Oh well. lol..Tho what is more funny is that the other day (when I say the other day it means ANY time. lol) and it was a picture of me, and sometimes Facebook will automatically tag a face if they recognize it, and guess who they automatically tagged me as? My sister..of course. Lol, apparently even Facebook think we are identical!! Ok. I'll stop babbling now and share a photo. cos I always have to you know..
My eye w/ no makeup..^_^ Oh, and yeah, I changed the background ...*agian* lol ;)

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