Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't you just love Mondays? Their so full of fun things to Yeah, I've already accomplished that today, and biology. (sense the sarcasm? I hope..)
So yeah, there are not alot of things to do around here. Not even swim, its so cold and cloudy out. And it is muggy, painfully muggy, but there is alos a breeze which helps a bit...But its ONLY 84 outside! How awful is that?! I need those HOT SUNNY windless summer days to get here!
So I CAN'T wait till Wednesday! I can't tell you why..but you shall find out soon, I get happy thinking about it...Oohh soo happy. Lol. Its gonna be great. I know it! Oh, and I'm also gonna get my hair chopped off, I'm kinda excited about that too ;)
This past week was not really a good one for me, yeah, granted Monday was awesome, but after that, I just didn't feel good, my creativity was GONE and I was just so tired all week. And the thing I hate most, is that I didn't really have a good excuse for any of it! Although Friday my allergies kicked in and I was even more tired and draggy and my throat got sore and stuff...But even then thats no excuse for how I was the rest of the week. I was so out of it that I let my room become an absolute disaster! Here is a befor and after pic. Some of you may think that it not all THAT messy, but for me...this is bad. I mean, really bad...


And now after...

I plan to make this a good week tho, I'm NOT going to be lazy and sit around goofing off on the internet, I'm going to try my best and keep myself busy and shining for Jesus!
Hope everyone else will have a good week too!!!!
HA-NUH! <3
My chalk board in my room.. :D

maybe this pic of my adorable kitty will give you a smile :)


  1. when did you make the bird hanging above your bed? I like it! =)

  2. i made it earlier this year an won 1st place in fabrics at the MAC contest =)

  3. :D It's Wednesday. :D good luck! ;) :D :D <3

  4. Cleaning.....:P sounds like something i should be doing..........:P lol