Saturday, September 17, 2011

 Starting from left to right. Rachel, Me, Tabitha Hamp, and Jonnah (:

Last week at this point, I was with my best friend and her family, at the Springfield zoo. Which btw, was a really cute little zoo and I liked it MUCH better than the St.Louis zoo (: But anyway. Last Friday we arrived in Springfield around 7, and my sister and brother in-law picked us up at Wallyworld and by the time we got to his families house, it was already 8. His little sister Rachel, who is 16 too, is my bf. (: It was awesome to get to see her and the Burks family (thats her family, lol) we played games and what not after awhile, then all the married couples left and me, Rachel and her sis Jonnah stayed up REALLY late watching a movie and talking. It was awesome.  I got like, one hour of horrible sleep that night, thanks to Rachel and Jonni's retarded love birds..gosh I hate those things.. :D
 Jonnah and Jerusha on the tire swing <3

Anywho. It was an awesome weekend, and it went by realllyyyy fast. We got home Sunday evening and I don't remember anything from that evening. lol. This whole week has really been a MESS and I'm pretty thankfully its the weekend :p Here in a little while me, mom, dad, and Gramma are going to head up to Arnold to see my cousins play music at a church. They are pretty stinking amazing..They play bluegrass, and even tho I dont like "traditional" blue grass, they are really original and not really, "traditional" lol, and I love to hear them play. So anyway. They are gonna come back to Fredmo and they might stay till Monday. Who knows. So I gotta go get ready, sorry this is kind of a silly post, but oh well :p So I better go..cos we have to leave in less than an hour :p Thankfully tho, my hair already looks epic, so now I just need to make my face match. ;)
Ttyl peoples, and God bless!!

 Me and Rachel, I tried to get her little bro Ethan in it, but he hates pictures, lol. :)

 The whole group that went to the zoo (sides Mrs. Burks, she was taking the pic, ok, left to right is Nathaniel, Leah, Jeri sitting on Jonnah's lap, Me, Benjamin in front of me, Rachel with Ethan, then Samuel...and there are 6 more kids in their family! 4 are married, then 2 guys that weren't fond of going to the zoo I guess, lol. They are a fun family (:

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  1. xD That was so much fun. <3 I'm SO happy that u got to come down! :D :D
    HAHA!!! no, Dean and Micah aren't that fond of going to the zoo. :D lol.
    I love the pix. 'specially the last one. U r practically a sister!! ^_^ <3 <3
    I can't wait until u get to come down again!!! <3