Saturday, October 22, 2011

Captain Obvious

I rather re-did my whole blog.  I've been tired with the way my blog looked, and since I'm re-defining my writing style and just kinda changing up my blog a bit, I thought it needed a make over! I love the background, it isn't to bold, and I like that, its just pleasing enough, with a warm rich feeling that gives it a cozy feel. Anywho, being a Saturday there's alot to get "blitzed" here in the Valencia home.
<3 Nonii


  1. hey, so I saw your post on another blog that I follow (life. by saraa) and saw that you are an introvert and an Owl City fan too, and I was so excited! (: and Cool blog btw! (:

  2. Hey Chemdiah!! Thank you so much for following me and commenting!! (: Can I follow your blog too? I can't seem to find a way to add you,
    And I have to tell you, that you made my day by saying "I was so excited!" lol (:

  3. haha of course! and I'm not sure, but there should be a bar at the top that has next blog, share, etc. and I think you can click follow on there. (:
    I noticed in your most recent post, you said your birthday is in 13 days? Well, that is super cool because mine is Nov 8! So I think they must be pretty close! I never meet people with November birthdays!!

  4. HEY!! So I am following your blog. Sorry, I am REALLY computer stupid. Its a miracle I ever figured out how to blog! lol. Really? Thats awesome!! I only know one person who has a Nov. 8th b-day :) How old will you be turning??

  5. Hey, that's fine. Sometimes computers are confusing. (: and I will be 20... That sounds so old :P