Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A quick one.

At last! I'm home! I love my home, unlike many teens in the world who would do anything to get away from home, my home is the LAST place I would want to run away from. Its where I belong right now, and its where I'm most happy. So needless to say, I am happy.
The flight back was long, I didn't get any sleep on the first flight thanks to a screaming 17mnth old child who was partial to hitting its mother, and on the last flight from Denver to St.Louis, Dad met a nice christian guy and they talked the whole time. So it was kinda hard to sleep. But really, I was to excited to be back in my territory to get much sleep. When the plane landed in St.Louis, I can't tell you how grateful I was to be back. And even tho it was dark, the fact there there was TREES and GRASS and just gorgeousness surrounding me, made me feel all cozy inside, despite the fact that it was 39 degrees out, and I had just left 104 degree weather. But I don't mind the weather here, its supposed to be cold in October. Right now its completely overcast, freezing, and dreary out. BUT I LOVE IT. Granted in the middle of February I don't, but its nice now.
I had a great time in Cali, and I'm preparing myself to having to say that about a thousand and six times tonight.
I'm going to church and I have a feeling I'll get asked about my trip alot. Also I have Spanish class, and I'm going to flunk, no doubt, I have studied the 2 days. Alot. And a few days last week, but not enough. Oh well.
So its weird. In Cali, they have Carls Jr., and its the same exact thing as Hardees here. But never EVER eat at a Carls Jr. in a airport. Ugh. So gross.
No but really, I did have a good time in Cali! (I dont feel like I got my point across very well ;) And a many MANY thanks to all my family! You all are awesome and I can't wait to see you again!!!
Tomorrow I'll try and post some pix, for I have to study.


  1. So nice to hear of a teenager loving their parents and their home - hope my kids will feel that way too. Oh...and I was one of those that said my kids would NEVER scream or cry or hit at me in public....and it's happened. you have kids you just don't know! And airplane rides are the WORST!

  2. <3 <3 I love home too. ^_^ I am glad u r back in MO!! U can't wait to see ur pix. <3 have fun at church and Spanish class!!!! <3

  3. Hey, glad you had fun in CA! :) Good luck w/ your Spanish class, yo! :D you'll do awesome, I'm sure!

  4. It's cold here too! It makes me sad because summer is gone, but it's nice to wrap up and wear warm boots and hats. =) And drink hot cider. :D