Wednesday, October 12, 2011

::For Adam::

Greetings peoples!!
A dear person (named Adam) who writes a very nice blog has inspired me to start blogging again. So I shall begin again in honor of him. Cos I'm a nerd like that :)
Getting all "stressed" over blogging is for noodles. My thoughts are normal again, please don't ask what my problem was, cos I dunno, in the words of a little friend of mine "It was prolly the hormones".
So I'm back at it again! I won't promise a post every day, but lets hope for at least one a week (:
Right now I'm sitting at my Tia and Tio's house in California.
I've got a funky blister on my left index finger and NO clue how it got there (i'm right handed)
I've also got a mullet, and its currently flipping out, cos I now have in my possession some amazing hair fixer upper stuff.
My tummy just got filled up with mash taters 'n gravy and biscuits from  Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I have one thing to say. They don't know how to make mashed taters in California like they do in Missouri. Thats fo sho.
I've had a funtastic time in CA so far, all my family are so nice and awesome, I got to go to Disneyland, San Diego Seaport Village, and old town San Diego. I've  thoroughly enjoyed hot dry weather and desert landscaping, oh, and huge mountains that never end.
There has been good food eaten, cute cousin babies held, fun cousin conversations had, stomach aches endured, looong showers taken, self discovery, lobsters attacked, new boots bought, and much much more.
I can't wait to share some of my photo's with you all (so far, I've only taken about 300, be proud of me people!) For now, this is what I look like in California,

Excuse the creepy expression..
And have a nice day! <3


  1. Tia is the spanish word for aunt, right? It's so much prettier than the English word. :) Hope CA keeps being amazing! =)

  2. You look like you are having a wonderful time :)

  3. <3 <3 well thank you to dear Adam!! Lol. I'm so glad u decided to blog again hunny! <3 I'm super glad ur having an awesome time in Cali! I can't wait to see ur pix! <3

  4. LOL YAYAAAHHH!!! Hope you had a blast in CA. Not fair that you will get the extra tan! :P