Friday, October 28, 2011

My Grandma is really one of the best Grandma's out there. I know everyone thinks they have the best Grandma, and I'm sure, for them, its true. So there is no sense in saying, "NO, MINE, is the best". Even if it is true ;)
Today is her birthday, and right now, I'm thanking God that we still have her. No one really realizes how close we were to saying goodbye last Spring. It was an extremely. EXTREMELY hard time for my family, very stressful and sad, with mom gone taking her to the Dr.'s, and both the boys gone to school or work, and dad working, I was home alone ALOT. It was not a fun time in life, but we would do, and sacrifice ANYTHING for her. I'm not sure what my mom would do with out her. I'm not sure what she would do without my mom. Needless to say, by the grace of God, we all made it through, and she is healthy and we are all thankful. We all have a special relationship wit her, cos she iiiss special (much sarcasm intended).  
I'm sure she wouldn't like me to say how old she is (not like I am sure about it anyway) but lets just say, She is old enough. And since I can't find recent photo at the moment, this will have to suffice.
Doesn't she have great hair???
Ok, so a  few things I love about my Gramma.
My Gramma is HILARIOUS. Yesterday I had a ball with her. Mom dropped me off at her house while she went to do errands in town, and let me tell you, Gramma was in a mood. Everything she did was so funny I couldn't help but crack up at her. Granted, she is getting up there, so therefore, that means she forgets a bit more than normal, so little things like, leaving her gum on the fruit bowl for later, and then finding it again and doing a happy dance, is what I am talking about. And she likes to stomp her feet and act silly when she doesn't get her way. I hope I am that fun when I'm her age. I hope I can be the type of Gramma she has been to us, when I have my own grandchildren.
My Gramma, as said, is funny, her sense of humor is really dry, and she likes dumb jokes, simply cos they are dumb. She's really short, and we make fun of her for it alot, and she has a bladder the size of a grain of rice, and we make fun of that alot. She has a silly lookin dog, and we make fun of that alot too. We make fun of her, alot. And thats part of what makes the relationship we have with her special. Cos its all in fun.
She isn't your average Gramma who has cookies right out of the oven when you go over to see her tho. Normally, she has crackers. Or grapes. Alot of the times, orange juice. Sometimes she simply doesn't have anything nice to eat, lol, but we all got over that a long time ago.
If I had to pick one word to describe my Grandmother, it would be cute. Pretty much everything she does is cute. If I had 2 words, it would be cute, and honest. If you asked my Gramma "do these jeans me me look fat?". Believe me, she will tell you the truth! If I had 3 words, it would be cute, honest and short. :)
Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you.
Nonii <3


  1. You do have a wonderful grandma! Reading this made me laugh, she shares many similarities with my mom :D

  2. <3 <3!! This is an adorable post! and your Grandma was so gorgeous....

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