Monday, November 7, 2011

::13 Things That Make Me Happy::

1: Music of all sorts, specially Bobby Darin and Owl City...
2: Writing
3: Eyes
4: Swing sets
5: Taking lots and lots of pictures
6: My kids, their not really mine, but I pretend.
7: Yellow flowers of any type
8: Swimming (mainly by myself or with 5 screaming kids)
9: Sleeping in reeeaaalllly late
10: Building really awesome forts on the bluffs in the woods by the river with people who still know how to play!
11:  Climbing huge trees that make you feel like a ninja.
12: Antique shopping
13: Mohawks on my favorite 4yr old <3

 I was going to just go with "10 things that make me happy" but I had to add 3, I could add more and more, but I figure I better stop while I still have my head on straight. So what makes you happy??
<3 Nonii

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