Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter has come

I know its truly winter when the house smells good. We started up the wood stove today, I know it was a little late, but we've been rather busy I guess.
I love to read in the winter, and after reading a blog entry by dear Adam Young about how good the book Bambi was, I had to find out for myself, cos honestly, I doubted him, and I thought it would be, well dumb... But I was proved wrong. Bambi is epic. I mean there is no other word for it. Maybe beautiful. Stunning.  Yes those words will do as well. Its not what most people think, when they think about Bambi. Its not all nice and fuzzy, it very real, sad, gorgeously written, and just all round a good book and worth reading.

I know its winter when I feel inspired to sew.
I'm very happy when I've sewn something.
Even tho I strained my back very badly, and I limped around all day and had to lay down several times during the period that I was sewing, I was still happy to sew.
Those pins are only there so I can hand quilt it.  And yes, those cute little dots are stars. <3
I'm not sure what it is about winter that makes me feel as I do, but I don't mind it, I just wish I was so productive in the summer as well.

I love cold rainy days like today, as long as I can view it from inside, doh.  I love that I become productive and get inspired to create things.
Sometimes when I stop and ponder all the nice things I've been blessed with, like a warm house, an awesome mom, enough talent to make pretty things, I don't just feel happy,  I feel joy. And that's something that can never truly go away. And it also makes me thankful that my middle name is Joy.

Isaiah 55:12 - "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."


  1. When we visit you in the wintertime, Mom is always happy because your house smells like a wood stove. =) I've never read Bambi, but I have a copy, and I was thinking about reading it a few days ago... I have a LOT of books that I should read. =) Winter is the best time to read, because it's so cozy inside :)

  2. I wish we would visit you in the winter time... :)

  3. ^_^ <3 I wish I was as creative as you!! :D I love the smell of a woodstove too. :D We started ours a couple weeks ago and I have been loving it so much! I am going to try to find Bambi so that I can read it. I am really curious to see how I like it. :)