Friday, January 27, 2012

21JS, Funkey, Bunnies and Paintings..

Besides making fun of homeschoolers, I've been quite productive this week.
First, I'd like to announce that I'm totally getting sucked into 21 Jump Street, aired in the late 80's and went till the early 90's, stars Johnny Depp as the lead character, which is my main reason for watching it, and its about him, and he's an undercover agent. Kool right?! Doh.
Its totally rad, man.
Brings tears of laughter at how lame it can be..BUT. 
Freakishly fuzzy/fluffy hair, amazing earrings and skinny jeans, yards of leather and cool music.
I like this show.

Just remember, left is right, right is wrong. <3

Funkey Owl. For thats what its named.
Today I did this while I was supposed to be reading about the Founding Fathers of America....

It started off me just goofing off, then it turned into a multi hour project.
I think it looks lovely above my bed.
I like bunnies.
But I like even more that I actually came up with this idea myself!

After months of not touching paint brushes to paper. I did these Wednesday.

On this one I used an old piece of paper that already had paint on it (the colored parts) and then I just added more and a face :) Oddly enough it looks like a guy I met the other day..and I totally didn't mean to do that..It looks ALOT like him! o.o

Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of my other one :((((


  1. I LOVE the wall-hanging with the three bunnies. =)

    1. Thanks! I am thinking of putting them on Etsy, but I love them so much! lol.

    2. I think you could definitely sell them, but I know what you mean about loving them too much. =)

  2. YESSS!!! I love that show too!! We all laugh our faces off at how lame it is but we still have fun with it! xD lol. Depp is so dreamy in that show.
    I *love* that idea! The bunnies are too cute and the "be Happy" one is adorable. :D :D <3
    Love the painting and the owl totally strange. ;) <3 <3 lol.

    1. Hahaha, you know, it might be alittle lame, but really, its not that lame..cos its the 80's..and well..the 80's where kinda cool, at least I find that possible! lol <3 But I do laugh at it alot ^_^
      Yesh, he really is <3
      hehe, thanks.

  3. Your bed with the lights and the embroidery are darn awesome. Stealing the idea for a fictitious room layout. xD