Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those days..

Have you ever woke up and realized, you didn't know how you felt about anything?
I can't decide if the world looks comical, depressing, interesting, irritating, or beautiful today..
I rarely. I mean. RARELY. Cannot make up my mind on issues like this.
Typically I know just what I want, when, how I'll get it, and I know I'll be happy.
But today..
I dunno if I wanna sew.
Rock or Classical (i think classical will have a better effect on me right now)
Play the Cello.
Make another item for Etsy.
Look at pretty blogs.
I think I should just go take a chill pill and read.

This is me, Kelly and For King And Country from this years WJ..Just thought I'd share it ;)

You should totally check these place out tho if your bored like me.
Bonlook glasses (nerdy awesome glasses that I really want!)

Adorable blog I found this week! 

If I had a little girl, I'd totally get this for her <3
Owl Cape

I can oddly appreciate days like this..

Later today, some 21 Jump Street is definitely in order.

Have a loverly Saturday everyone!

Do you ever have days like this??
Lemme know in the comments below! (hey, that rhymed!)


  1. yes, I have had days like that. <3
    I think you are right. It is a Jumpstreet day. :)

  2. Yes, unfortunately, I have days like this ALL THE TIME!! :P haha and i like that picture... except that you're standing in front of a food place! And even tho it's closed, it's still making me hungry!! :D sorry...