Monday, January 16, 2012

Tagged and Monkey Bread

I just realized its almost been a week since my last post! I guess I've been a bit lazy. In truth, I've been fighting laziness lately, this cold winter weather is getting to me.
ok. 6 things I loath to death.

Switching from house shoes to boots.
nasty rotten food.
Getting done with math, then getting hiccups right after while trying to put on boots to run nasty rotten food down to nasty gross chickens. :)

Something I love? Getting tagged, and monkey bread <3
 I love when my mom is bored, she makes yummy things!

So before I start with with this, I'm gonna add that I shall not tag anyone like my instructions said too, as I don't have alot of bloggers that I know who actually blog alot, and all the ones I do know, were already tagged by Sailor,who tagged me:) So my apologies, but if I tag them, they'll tag me,then I'll tag them again, then I'll have started that whole dumb John Connor must go back and save his mom for the thousandth time! <3

11 Questions, asked by Dream Sailor

1.What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Become the first lady Prez..why not?? Actually, no, thats dumb, I'd prolly just become a professional photographer in a week <3.
2. If you had an opportunity to go to Haiti with a charity organization, would you? first I'd pray about it, and if God gave me the go, then I'd go!
3. You're in a situation where you know doing the right thing will get you in trouble (with the law, your family, friends, your school, ect.) what do you do? The right thing. Of course, I'd stray as far away as possible from doing the right thing, the wrong way.
4. What do you want to change in the world? All the corrupt racism, we live in a society where absolutely no racism is accepted, yet those people who enforce that, are some of the more racist people ever! I wish that wasn't so.
5. Favorite species of owl? Um, I dunno, the cute little fuzzy ones?! <3
6. What would you rather eat, if you absolutely HAD to: a crayon or a camera card? Camera Card. Does swallowing count??
7. You see a see a ten dollar bill on the floor in a check-out lane, it may or may not belong to the person in front of you. What do you do? Ask if it does, if not, hold onto it for awhile and then give it to tithe!
8. Who do you like better, Darth Vader or Ken (Barbie's obnoxious boyfriend)? Ken. "You say 'I', then I'll say 'love' then you say 'you'! See, that time I said LOVE!"
9. You break something in a pottery store. Now what do you do? Pay for it,then take it home and blue it together with gorilla glue.
10. What would you do if you woke up and found yourself in the 'cat room' of an animal shelter? Meow.
11. What is your opinion of the sesame street character Elmo? Personally I think he is harmless, but unfortunately, all those wacko liberal jobs have taken him and are using him to brainwash the young generation of kiddies. Its pretty sick...And I think kids over age 6 should not be watching him! Same goes for blue's human on earth should watch that guy..end of story.

I must say, this was fun! Thanks for tagging me Dream Sailor <3

Happy Monday ya'll.


  1. Bah, I was going to answer this tag (Sailor tagged me too) but you pretty much gave all of the same answers that I would. xD

    *night-owl blog-reader rubs eyes*

    I like your blog. =]

  2. FINALLY COMMENTING!! Woo! XD You answers were amazing. Love the cat-room one. Bahah. And you must send me a recipe for that monkey bread. O.O Serious. It looks soooo good!