Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thats what today is turning into, a ho-hum day.
What does that even mean??
I, like many others in my bloggy world, seem to have hit a blogger stump.
I dunno what to say. What to post.
I'm not going to complain, I'll just get through it.
Inspiration will strike again! 
There are so many things I want to do this year, but for now, all I seem to be able to do it wait, quilt, and wait.
I'm making a quilt for an art show.
I also need to read Robinson Crusoe.
I want to be done. But I want to start.

I've been, once again, contemplating what this blog has to offer you, my dear readers, and even myself.
Well, if your like me, you have about 100 blogs or so that you know of, 50 or so that you check, and maybe 10 that you actually read..or look at pictures.
So, the chances of this blog actually getting read seem slimmer and slimmer the more I think of it.
But I don't blog to be read, I blog to write, because I love to write.
Its very lovely to know if someone reads it of course,  even more lovely to get a comment now and then.
But I completely understand the lack of comments, because no matter how awesome I think some blogs that I've found are, its just so hard to find the time to read them, AND comment. Now grant it, there are probably 5 or 6 blogs I never fail to read, and I typically comment.
But its hard. Even to those 5 or 6.
I love to be able to convince myself that every time I post, I have a certain subject to write about, but I also like to pretend. 

I never realize how consuming blogging can be, if only I made a buck for every hour I've spend sitting writing, revising, re-writing, staring, thinking, writing, reading, deleting, coping, pasting, I'd be rich.
But I wouldn't do this for money, cos then it would be a job, I'm not lazy, I'm just not the job type.

Now I'm thinking to myself, "where is this going??".
The answer, nowhere.
I'm afraid something has rubbed off on me.
Something that has to do with the syndrome called "what to write about?!?!!?"
Or is is boredom?

I re-wrote my about me section, you should check it out:)
Is it interesting? Silly? Or just to long?

I love details. And for some reason I always spell that word de-tail. hehe.
I hope this post hasn't completely inspired you to go jump off a cliff, or be a couch potato.
I hope it..
Did you know I think in half sentences all the time?
I also use . and , in all the wrong places. 
Yep. Its how my brain works.


  1. "I hope this post hasn't completely inspired you to go jump off a cliff, or be a couch potato." -BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY! xD But don't worry, it hasn't inspired me to do that. Sometimes I wonder what to blog about too...reading seems to help spark awesome ideas. For me anyway.
    Enjoyed reading this post & I'll check out the about page! ;)

  2. Hey, don't worry about not having any ideas - I go through spates where I don't blog for 2-3 weeks/months and then I'll get back into it. Just enjoy it and don't be pressured by it.

    I really enjoy your blog :)

  3. @Sailor, hehe, thanks :D

    @Rachael, thanks for the encouragement! :-)

  4. I feel like I've hit a bump too, and I hate it. :p Ah well, inspiration will come. It couldn't leave lovely girls like us alone forever. :D ;)

  5. Oh my gosh nonii! I love your "about me"! I like lots of info. :-) I would be sad if you ever stopped blogging! <3 u~

  6. awe, your so sweet Jonni<3 <3 thankie ^_^

  7. I love ur new about me. ^_^ <3 I misses u like krazy!!

    1. i miss you too!! *crossing figers that i get to see you in couple weeks!!* <333
      oh, and thankie! ^_^