Saturday, March 3, 2012

Boat Song

this song..please take a moment to watch it, if you've heard it, the you'll know what i mean.
i've been listening to it over and over and all i can say is "its so stinking cute!!"
possibly the cutest.
even cuter than OC's love songs.
this song isn't made up from her imagination.
its real
its so adorable.

-but it always leaves me with a mucky, kind sad..unsatisfied feeling.
cos i'm not there yet.-

it probably doesn't help any that i watched Mansfield Park and an adorable Tom Hanks chick flick.
so i'm kinda in "that mood" i should go read some history :P 
tom, i never knew how adorable you *were* back in the day... ;)



  1. oh my gosh i'm tearing up at the utter adorableness of this video! so so so cute! i love the end where he kisses her. :D

  2. i know!!!! at that point i was like wigging out at how cute it was.. love it to pieces!