Thursday, April 5, 2012

ignoring the rain

today i'm pretending its sunny out. thats why i'm listening to "sound of sunshine", by micheal franti and spearhead. its a beautiful song.
today i'm pretending i have long pretty hair. today i'm pretending i don't have any worries, i'm not tired, i don't really need to get more reading done, and that life is just awesome.

 i'm planning a trip to the beach, with an unknown sweetheart who's name i don't know.
today i'm in love with jj heller's version of 'the very thought of you', its way better than sinatra. 
today i'm loving an over sized flannel thats not mine.
 i'm pretending i don't have to go to college.
today i'm missing certian little blondies.

today i wanna swim for 5 hours in the hothot sun and eat watermelons.
i'm dreaming of roller coasters and screaming my head off.
today i'm pretending i'm in love with my easter dress.
today i wish i was with both of my besties.

today i'm going to be very happy, already am actually. 
even if life is hard right now, my chin is up and there's a smile on my face.


  1. <3 <3 Cute pictures!! ^_^
    Your happy attitude all the time is super encouraging. <3 I'm praying for your family!