Saturday, May 19, 2012

end of the whirlwind

i really only have one important thing to say.
i'm home! 
and not really that tired, considering i got very little sleep this week, and walked around SDC 2 days in a row. that place is my fave amusement park ever, but boy can it be tiring! 
i did a lot of walking around the mall, antique stores, and vintage clothing stores too, and of course i took way to many pictures..but i'll only put a few up on here for you guys.

beautiful kitty!

like the new moccasins??

beautiful clothes at Red Velvet!

i wanted this sweater sooo badly, sadly i didn't have enough nerve to ask how much it was:p

gorgeous boots at a antique store.

me and Rachel! she's so great <3

my cousins admiring the new grand baby, their sweet niece Madelyn <3

the Krugar Brothers a Silver Dollar City {SDC} they were mind blowing.

waiting in line at the barn swing! the cousins have a gift for ugly face making.

i just love my moccasins!

my brother and cousin being creeps.

LOVE the barn swing, so much fun!

my cousin and friend watching a band perform:)

me an john, being very strange, we were hyper.
its been such an amazing week filled with so much laughter and good times. 
i can't wait to do it all over again.
and i also can't wait to get back to blogging! i've missed everyone here in bloggy world.
xox, noni


  1. Wow. Looks like you had tons of fun. Also, your Mickey Mouse shirt in the first picture rules.

  2. I'm pretty positive that you look amazing in those moccasins. Also your mustache is a little strange. And I'm jealous that you got to go to Red Velvet. I'm glad your back, because I missed you.
    <3 Lydia

  3. These pictures are so great!!!! LOVE the new moccasins and that first picture of you is so awesome! I want a micky mouse shirt too! lol :)

  4. gladglad ur home safe. ^_^ I'm so craving some SDC right now. I've been jealous of u all stinkin' week. lol. <3

    luv that pic of us. I like it better than the one I took.....

    That pic of John and Ez "being creeps" made me laugh out loud! They totally look like creepers. No joke.

    barnswingbarnswingbarnswing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that ride to death. xD xD

    lovely mustache.


    1. I can't believe that comment posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0 HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hahaha, your such a goof <3

  5. You got to see the Kruger Brothers?! Sweet! I'm jealous. They are amazing. Yes, mind-blowing.

    1. yep! it was really great, 3 shows a day {30min each} and every show was a different set! :)