Sunday, May 13, 2012

don't worry, be happy

my, without makeup..
what's it been, 5 days? i'm sorry, but life has somehow managed to get me down again, and sadly, i had to neglect my blog for awhile, weather i wanted to or not, to sort through some things.
and within 5 days, i've come to a few conclusions.
one, growing up stinks {for reals, whoever said that the teenage years suck, was 200% correct}.
B, i'm prideful and still have way more growing up to do than i care to think about right now.
and last, i don't have to worry about anything, i just have to keep my eyes on God and let Him fight my battles for me.
i don't ever want to jump ahead of His will again, its really not worth a darn thing.
like my motto says "just keep smiling" {real original, i know :p } but thats what i shall keep doing, inside and out, even when i mess up and break trust, even when i feel empty and ashamed, i know i'm learning, and i know who's in control.
so thats a life update for those of you who care :)

inbetween the moments i was lost in though or prayer throughout the last couple of days, i've been sewing a bit, playing my cello a whole lot, taking pictures of my eye, aweing over my new baby cousin, experimenting with neat photography ideas, missing a few people, and getting ready to spend a whole week tramping around Springfield/Branson {SDC} with family and friends.

my eye, with makeup:)

adorable cousin madelyn

neat photography idea, the photo i'm holing is about 9 or 10 years old:)

and now i'm off to stretch my legs before we load the van and sit for 4 hours, its really not that long, but of course my back would be out {neck ans shoulders included} so i'm not looking foreward to the trip.
unfortunately i won't be blogging this next week:( unless i get a random chance to pop in and say hello. but i do hope all of you have a great week!

and here comes a little soap box.

no matter how much life might stink and all you want to do is fret your hours away worrying that nothing will turn out right, remember that the one the loves you most is in control, and even tho it might look like He's keeping you from something you want, or He's doing something you don't want, He always has your best interest in mind! just don't jump ahead of His will, be in the word, and pray without ceasing!

so maybe i said that more for me and you, but i hope it can encourage you if your going through some ups and downs and are feeling sick of it.

xox, noni


  1. Yay! Blog post!
    That is the coolest photo idea ever. I love it!
    Hope you have a lovely time in Springfield.
    Love you lots!

  2. LOL, you are right, growing up stinks. Sometimes I wish there was a replay button on life, so I could go back and relive all the things I loved so much. But sadly, that doesn't exist.
    Btw, my name is Caitria. I am Rachel, Jonnah, and Tabbi's friend. They have told me all about you. So I thought I'd get on here and introduce myself. This may be a stinky time, since you're not going to be on for a while, but maybe...maybe...since you're going to be down here in the Sprfld area, I'll meet you in the above-mentioned company. :D
    Anyway, I have been enjoying your blog and can't wait until the day we really do meet, lol!

  3. great post honey, i really love this photos, especially the last one!

  4. Growing up does really suck, but I'm betting 10 million that when we're in our twenties, we'll be wishing we're teenagers again. Life is such haha. Have fun on your trip! :)

  5. Very true. I needed to hear that.

    Lovely snap shots too.

    Have a blessed holiday.

    p.s. teenage years are incredibly hard. It does get that bit easier when you reach 20+ but I'm still learning lots!!

  6. hey nonni osm post :) i have a question.... who is the girl on the very end on the right side of the group? the one standing wearing the dress.... and where is she from...... email me @ have some more questions bout that if u dont mind..... dont wanna post em on here.. thanx

  7. lovely relatable. hope it gets better for you. :)


    p.s thanks for your comment!! I really appreciate it. :)