Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i'm so happy i shall do a shawn and guster dance

when i'm incredibly exhausted, i tend to think, talk, and write in really short sentences. so bare with me.
its been amazing.
 i'm just really sad that i won't get to see rinskii again this week. 
she's so gorgeous and i'm so blessed to have a friend like her. 
 i'm rather fond of flowers in my hair.
i got to go to Red Velvet, and it was amazing.
i'm tired. very very tired. but i already mentioned that.
i'm now the proud owner of amazing moccasins.
i also took way to many pictures at the antique stores.
i've been sleeping on a couch thats way to short for me.
my cousins are gonna come pick me up tonight and i get to spend the rest of the week with them!
i still haven't seen The Avengers. 
i'm starting to be fond of the color purple.
i never was before.
i miss someone terribly.
i won't get to see my boys, nathaniel and luke, for 4 weeks {insert pathetic expression and fake tears}
i'm going to SDC thursday.
i get to hold my new baby cousin, madelyn, who is barley a week old.
this is getting to long.
but i miss you. 

have a loverly rest of the week
xox, noni

ps, have i mentioned how amazing and encouraging you guys are? i wanna thank you guys for all the lovely comments you guys have been leaving, i appreciate it so much! <3


  1. You haven't seen the avengers? You should. I watched it in 3D a couple of days ago and it is worth seeing. :)

  2. I demand pictures of the moccasins. And please, please say that you took some sort of picture of Red Velvet. Also, I think you would look very beautiful in dark purple. Come visit me next, okay?
    <3 Lydia

  3. Beautiful girls! Rachel is MORE than a sweetheart! She's just plain awesome. And no, I'm not fawning, lol!

  4. <3 <3 <3 I'mma miss u. :P Hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon.
    Purple is amazing. :)
    I'm so jealous that u get to go to SDC. :D lol. I love that place to death!
    <3 have a blast w/ ur cousins! <3