Wednesday, September 26, 2012

random rainy wednesday


~loving~ this rainy day thats starting to turn all sunshiney.
~planning to~ start the hunger games {the book, and yes, i'm soo behind!}
~pinning~ to my style board.
~getting excited about~ visiting my very prego sister and bestie rachel! 
~daydreaming about~ captian america<i'm not embarrassed to admit that -_-
 ~finishing~ wuthering heights.
~drinking~ lots of hot cocoa.
~realizing~ i'm a stinking blessed kid! 
~being~ set free.
~admiring~ that above photo, just makes me happy.
~wishing~ my hair was long again so i could braid it up.
~crafting~ my crotchet blanket, tis finally the season for yarn projects!
~listening to~ switchfoot's dark horses. simply epic.


give this a listen :)


  1. I’ve been wanting to read Wuthering heights for the longest time! How was it? Oh, don’t be embarrassed, Captain America is amazing. ;) Lovely post, I really like the picture.

    -Victoria Horea

    1. Wuthering Heights? Its pretty dumb. I'm a huge fan of British literature, but this one isn't a fave so far, I'm really hoping it gets better:)
      hehe, Yes, he is amazing!

  2. I've always wnated to read Wuthering heights, and i love the photo too and switchfoot. <3

  3. :D :D I'm *so* excited about next week. It's gonna be epic. <3
    That is a great photo.
    haha. <3 Captain America is wonderful. ^_^
    four days!

  4. Yay! I an 'cited bout next week too! I have not read hunger games ether, but I would love to! And yes captian America is awesome. Although I prefer ether thor or iron man. :-D

    Hot cocoa sounds AMAZING!!!! I am on a sugar fast while I do insanity.... Anything swee sounds shockingly yummy! :-)

  5. I gave up on my crocheted blanket, mostly because I decided to use the most expensive yarn there is. I'm thinking of making it into something... creative.

    lovely post, darling.

  6. Love rainy days. <3
    Very cool pic!
    Hey, Noni: I'm going to be going to a conference for a few days in october, so I need a few guestposters. I was wondering if you would like to guestpost on my blog?
    Let me know! :) <3 Thanks!

    1. Hey, what days would you need me to guestpost? I won't be able to the first two weeks of Oct. :/ Hope those weren't the days..Thanks for asking, hope we can work something out <3

    2. Hi Noni! No prob, I'll be away in the last week of october. For the guestpost, it would be great if you could write it ahead of time so I can schedule it to post while I'm gone. You can email me about how we can do the post @
      I'd love for you to do a post about photography! I love your pics.
      So let me know! Talk to you soon,