Friday, September 28, 2012

what takes me back

 ah! sam, he's my absolute favorite, next of course is the man above ;)

 and these two, they're just epic.

just a few things that take me back to when i was a kid.. and i don't just mean these movies, i mean the books too! ;)
i'll just leave you "awing" over that last picture.


if you want to hear one of the few voices that gives me nostalgia, listen to this and this.


  1. AHH I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS! haha! and Narnia is the best!

  2. Awwww a walk down memory road. :) These are some of my favorite childhood movies too. What's the last picture of?

    1. That last picture, its just possibly one of the most tear-jerking scenes ever, its from Little Women, when Laurie proposes to Jo and she turns him down. :'(

  3. Oh my gosh. I love thoseeeee. All of them. <3 Especially Sam, Mr.Tumnus, and Laurie though. <3 ahhh.

  4. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Oh gee. Peter Pan, and Little Women. My favorites forever. <3 love you!

  5. Since Little Women is watched in our house at least once a week I get to "awe" at lauries wonderfulness all of the time. :)

  6. I was about to comment on the post you put up today(because I really liked it), but then I saw these pictures, and I had to comment...I love all of these pictures so-SO much. Especially the first and list few. :) I actually just watched The first two Lord of the Rings yesterday. They just never get old. hehe.

    -Victoria Horea

  7. I have to admit ... I have never seen Little Women. But heeeey! Weren't you the one who wrote a long post about Laurie being all wrong for Jo? ;)

  8. So perfect! Love all of these, especially Peter Pan. That was my favorite growing up, moving AND book!
    xo TJ